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  da/pa in scrapebox authority checker tool is different from da/pa of moz &other tools
Posted by: afnan36 - 06-18-2018, 12:28 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (4)


da/pa in scrapebox authority checker tool is different from da/pa of moz and da check. i tried to check domains in many tools and scrapebox  authority tool too and i noticed this different in results, how to fix that? how to check domains da/pa into scrapebox to give me same result in the other da tools?

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  yellowpages not working
Posted by: ch300 - 06-15-2018, 01:53 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (4)

Here's some relevant other threads that have died:

Unfortunately they do not have solutions to them.  I'm having the same issue.

Recently purchased Scrapebox + YP scraper.  Tested proxies, loaded them into YP, filled out all information as shown in the video.  When I press "Start" it will say 1 connection active, no matter if I set it to 1, 10, 100, 132, whatever.  It will then go through the keywords scraped from 1-10 or whatever I've set it to.  Nothing will show.  It doesn't even appear to try.

I've tried this through my own IP and a VPN with various IP's.  Still no luck.

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  Need Help In URl Harvesting
Posted by: N0ddyq - 05-30-2018, 08:38 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (1)

Hello Everyone,

See I have some data like 


and every page have info about bike, car, cycle with there domains like http://www.car.com, http://www.bike.comhttp://www.cycle.com

Exactly I want these domain links

Is this possible in scrape box?

Can anyone help me how can I do this?

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  Help with Expired Domain Finder Plugin - Keeps closing
Posted by: adam110 - 05-16-2018, 02:04 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (14)


I recently purchased the expired domain finder plugin and ran it on a couple of sites - I set it to crawl 6 levels deep - added 100 private proxies and ran it with about 7 threads - I also disable all the metrics so it only shows the expired domains.

It ran all night on my VPS but the seed list was no good and it only returned a few results so I decided to stop it and test it on a larger site.

I then got a better seed list (2 urls) I loaded them into the expired domain finder - I then set the crawl depth to 25 (max) and I set threads to 25 (using same 100 proxies) All metrics were disbaled (google, alexa, plus 1 etc) I lets it run on my VPS - I then logged back into the VPS about 3 hours later and the expired domain finder tool was gone (it had closed) scrapebox however was still open (I also had 1 more instance of scrapebox running that was scraping with the harvester - but the harvester uses different reverse proxies to what I was using in the expired domain finder)

So I started the tool again - opened the saved location and I saw the files ( from the previous scrapes ) - I didnt know what was wrong - I added https://github.com/ - https://www.theguardian.com as the seed urls with a depth of 25 - I thought it might be the number of threads

so I started the tool again - this time with 12 threads - added the same seed urls and let it run - today I logged into my VPS and the expired domain finder is not there again - It again closed - So I looked for the logs and found some error txt files inside of ScraoeBoxApplicationFolder > Plugins > Expired Domain Finder

In this folder I looked at the bugreport.txt file - Inside of it I noticed it had a NO near use proxies for crawler - I quickly realized that i had to enable the proxies for the crawler after I loaded them - So I have now done this.

I then looked at the errors crawler.txt file and saw a number of errors that refered to making too many requests (I guess this is due to not using proxies and having multiple threads)

Ive now started the expired domain finder up again - and this time I have enabled proxies for the crawler. But when i open the bugreport.txt file (it allows me to open this but does not allow me to open crawler error file because its being used) then it still shows use proxies for crawler NO - and the userinterface doesnt really tell me if proxies are actually being used (just shows me the number of proxies ive imported in the top)

My main question is this. after the expired domain finder has completed then does it automatically close? or should it remain open? if it should remain open then im guessing its not completing the scrapes - is there any optimum settings someone could reccoemend? (number of threqads- depth - proxies etc) Im happy to keep this running for days on the VPS (just like I do with the harvester)

If I need to send anything to support (such as files etc) then please let me know - I have however started a new scrape so im guessing the previous scrqape errors etc will no longer be there


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  Grab hreflang
Posted by: stevefigueras - 05-16-2018, 07:29 AM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (5)

Hello everyone i continue to discover scrapebox and i want to know if it's possible to grab the meta

hreflang= or
I can grab the <meta name="Language" content="fr" />

Idealy i would have the possibility to export all my harvest link in a excel file
Thanks you so much for help Smile

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  Grab Links by crawling a site
Posted by: Nosh - 05-14-2018, 09:15 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (6)

I´m trying to grab the links of a site by crawling a site without success (only a few URLs):

Maybe it´s that some URLS open up in a new window/tab? I have special interest in the online shop descriptions:

Anybody can help?

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  Noob question :)
Posted by: stevefigueras - 05-08-2018, 07:19 AM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (3)

Hello everybody

I juste buy Scrape and it's seem amazing :Smile
I admit i'm lost with all possibilities but i've had some very good result :Smile

My question : i ask if it's possible for scrapebox to search if some keyword are present on each url i import ?

And can i automate the inscription to newsletter if website propose it ?

Thank you so much Smile

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Big Grin I'm new here and I'm a noob...my apologies
Posted by: tom12983 - 05-04-2018, 06:54 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - No Replies

Hello everybody,  Newhere

So I'm new and a noob. Does it get any worse? Yes. Yes it does. Please go easy on me! Please?

I've owned scrapebox for over 2 years and I STILL don't know how to unleash it's immense power. I have been through a bunch of Looplines tuts. They are cool and easy to understand but I still don't know what I am trying to do! I MUST learn to use it. I need a course or something. I am so noobish it's embarassing (I know, I've already said that!!!). 
I have a money site that makes $0. I've had it for 4 years now. I have a crap ton of SEO software and tools. I know I should be building links but not sure which ones or why or how.

Here's what I can do with a great deal of excellency:

  • Scrape random stuff with no purpose at all (proxies, keywords, urls)
  • Most all basic stuff, again, with no real purpose
What I am asking for:
  • What am trying to do first and why?
  • What should I try to do after that and why?
  • Is there a course for me?
  • Am I a lost-cause noob?  Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
Any help you can offer would be awesome. I don't have a lot of money (please refer back to "money site that makes $0" comment) so would be "FREE" but appreciated.


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  Contact Forms Submitter
Posted by: spiderseal - 04-05-2018, 03:48 AM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (4)

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to bulk submit to contact forms using some scraped URLs.
Getting WP contact and Unknown on the platform column and "failed" in the submitter status column.
Has anyone had success with this? If yes could you please help with the correct settings?
I am probably missing something out.

Thank you for your help.

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  scrape for news sites
Posted by: blitzme - 03-27-2018, 12:11 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (5)

Hello, i just wondering, how can i scrape only news website? I have done this previously, but i think google make changes and i dont know now, how to create url that scrape news sites after keywords ?

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