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hibu foot print
hi guys

im making a foot print for hibu websites, they all have 

Powered by Hibu

In the footer. I also want to be able to append a town to this search. So I have come up with

"Powered by Hibu" AND "Blackpool"

This gives strange results. It will say something like 3000 plus results but then when you get to page 5 there is no more results. This is on Google

Can anyone help me make an effective foot print
This is normal. Google likes to post big numbers, and then when you ask to actually see the results they will just remove the next button at a point, its called a soft cap.

So this is all really normal. It can say 100K plus an stop at page 5.

But google doesn't use the AND operator, just uses quotes. So it would be like.

"Powered by Hibu" "Blackpool"

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