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Scrapebox Plugin domain Authority Lookup
Since PR is worthless, I am requesting a Scrapebox Plugin that checks up Domain Authority via SEOmoz.

Does it exist?

Can't find any in the Addons list.

Could I make a addon myself or pay someone to do it?

What do you mean PR is worthless?

Are you saying a Backlink on a PR Page is worth nothing?

Have you done your tests before making such statments? If not, please do some tests and make statments.

An anchor BAcklink from a High PR Page is worth way more than 1000 Crappy Links. I am not saying from what others say... I haev tested and i am Claiming it.

PR is worthless in the matter that it dosen't give so much information, and that the updates are slow.
I no longer trust it.

Please read these articles.

If I found a site with PR 8 I surely would like to have a link there, but SeoMoz will tell me the exact value.
Domain/Page authority and MozRank gives more information.

Like you say, a site with a high authority will be worth more than 1000 "crappy links".

And I still need a tool to check domain authority...
is PR equivalent to SEOMOz? I mean a site ranking 42 on SEOmoz would be a PR4?
I'd be interested in this too!

Can anyone make an addon? If so, maybe we could get together and hire someone to do it for us Smile
Still interested...if it's doable
Just sent an email to SB, we'll see what happens Smile
Answer from SB:
Quote:Addons need to come from me, because they are all stamped with a digital software certificate which Scrapebox checks before running an addon.

I've looked at this before, and from memory the SEOmoz API has a rate limit of 1 request every 10 seconds so you would be only able to lookup 6 URL’s per minute or 60 per hour.

That’s not a lot unfortunately, and this is why I've not looked in to it any further.

Guess it's not going to happen.

As a start you might find this useful

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