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google indexer checker
seems the last update messed the "check indexed" module completely.
I'm setting 25-50-500 threads, and scrapebox will do 1 thread maximum
if I select min threads more than 0, scrapebox won't run at all.

Please check and fix it, 
thank you
using scrapebox, all plugins are updated

I attached a picture.I press start and 1 second later scrapebox will stop and that error will appear 
picture here https://imgur.com/a/3aeuw
[Image: uqNt1OK.jpg]
[Image: 3aeuw]
I am having the identical problem that you described with the Google Indexed Checker tool which I have successfully used daily for many years now.  According to SB change logs the two most recent versions address a bug in Google Indexed Checker, but it obviously is no longer working as you described.  I have contacted SB support several days ago, but have not received a response as of today.   Newhere
Me neither, as I contacted them before posting here
I see that you did an update today.
Its still broken. Can't get more than 1 thread for index checker.
also this new update broke the youtube downloader addon. Now It won't load the videos that I want to download ( both options aren't working ( load from file, load from scrapebox)

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