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Contact Form Poster Question

I just watched the video on your contact form poster and having never used it before would like a little advice if possible please.

I would like to submit details to forms such as this here:

On random websites all with direct links to form pages I already scraped those and identified them using the page scanner.

What would be the best way to set this up as its more of a custom set up compared to all the pre loaded sites I see in SB.

Many Thanks!

Just to add to this the data I would like to submit would not be random but what I would like to use like name, telephone number and email etc.
Im not sure what your saying, but you can submit your name, telephone etc.. but if you load in a bunch of entries scrapebox will pick random ones. So you can just load in 1 for each field and use that.

I think your asking how you can custom train platforms and that info is here:
Thanks for the reply will have a look at the link.
your welcome. Cheers!

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