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Consolidating Custom Data
Ok, so i´m using the custom data grabber to get different sets of data from
a set of profiles but i also want to grab the emails. As far as i understand it 
i cannot use the CDG to grab emails.  What would be the best way or process
 to get both data sets.

Ideally i want to create profiles of people with name, follower count, social media data plus their
email contact data scraped from one or multiple URLs.
My approach would be the following
1. use an email crawler that adds url information
2. take the custom data grabber and run those urls
3. somehow consolidate the information using excel or the help of a coder.

Ideally i´d like take custom data grabs from different sites and augment those searches in one database though.
Because in most cases emails are a scarce ressource on one plattform i´d like to search for it on multiple platforms.

My approach for this would be:

1.grab links by crawling a domain/site that has a relatively large amount of the the contacts i´m looking for.
2. use custom data grabber to find name & data like follower count for relevance segmentation.
3. use an email crawler to grab those urls
4.  use the name as search term in a search for "site:otherdomain.com" to get more information/emails from other domains.

please advise if there is an easier process for this or if im overthinking stuff again.

Also when i´m exporting why can´t there be a way to just export ONE URL with all the custom fields instead of having the custom fields repeating all the time?

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