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Get matching lines from 2 text files
I have 2 big text files with domains and I would like to get a 3rd text file with the matching lines from those 2. Is is possible with scrapebox? If scrapebox can't do that, what other approaches should I consider?
Sure. So you have File A and File B and you want file C which will have the matching lines from file A and B.

Just load in file A and go to remove/filter >> remove urls containing entries from - and then select file B. All the lines in File B are then removed from what you have loaded, which is file A. So you are left with all the NON matching lines. So save it off as file N

Then clear the grid and load file A back in. Then go to remove urls continaing entries from - and this time select file N. that will take all the lines from file N out of whats loaded (file A). Remember file N is the non matching lines. So then what you are left with is all the lines in file A that matched lines in file B. There you go, just export that as file C.

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