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★★★ 100,000+ FRESH AND QUALITY BLOGS LIST EVERY WEEK! ✔ Boost SEO ✔ Improve Rankings!
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100,000 New and Fresh Blogs List EVERY WEEK - Special Offer!

We will help you to Boost your SEO with our Massive 100,000 fresh blogs lists! We are group of internet marketers and would like to offer you 100,000 Quality Blogs List EVERY WEEK! Fresh and New blogs will be sent to your mail every week in .txt file. Here are our awesome features:

  • 100,000 Quality Blogs List;
  • New blogs every week;
  • Sent to your mail;
  • Tested and approved;
  • 80 - 95% success rate;
  • with .EDU and .GOV blogs;
  • Safe and secure;
  • Perfect for all softwares;
  • Only now - FREE GIFT!

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Unique Blogs
We provide only unique blogs - there are no duplicated or old spammed blogs. We do all by ourselves.

.EDU and .GOV
Our delivered blogs list include .edu and .gov blogs, that have biggest and highest impact on your SEO.

Minimum 80% success rate
Our blogs' success rate (posted entries) are about 80 - 95%. Can it be any better?

[Image: 3aa.png]

100% trust
We are real internet marketers and provide only genuine services - our blogs are not over-used by others.

Safe using
We do not collect any your information, also using our blogs is safe for Google and other search engines.

Perfect for all
All blog lists are delivered in .txt file, so you can use it with every software or program you like.

[Image: 4aa.png]

LIMITED OFFER: we will sold only 25 services because we don't like spam and don't want that our blogs will be spammed.

We accept Paypal payments.

100% money-back guarantee if you do not receive blogs list 24 hours after payment;
100% money-back guarantee if we do not respond to your email within 24 hours.

Questions and Answers:

What are we offering?
We offer blogs lists that are delivered every week to our customers. We scrape and collect only best and reliable blogs and deliver to your email for your marketing purposes.

What kind of blogs are these?
These are WordPress blogs with variuos domains, pageranks, categories, also a mix of do follow and nofollow blogs.

How we deliver blogs?
If you decide to order our blogs list, you will receive it to your email in .txt file. What is more, you will receive new and fresh blogs every week – there are no trash or old spammed blogs.

Are these blogs reliable?
We do scraping only by ourselves, so you will not find these lists anywhere else. This means that blogs are not over-used or spammed and you can expect biggest value by using it. Also, there are about 80-95% success rate at the time you receive these blogs.

How to get best results by using these blogs?
We recommend to use it with anonymous private proxies and set highest timeout and minimum threads when posting. If you are using it with Scrapebox, you can set 60 sec timeout and about 30-50 threads.

How to order?
Just please go to order page and pay via Paypal. That’s all – after few minutes chack your email for your blogs.

Is it right: payments are monthly, but I will receive blogs every week?
Yes, so in total every month you will receive about 400,000 blogs.

How to contact?
If you have any questions, please contact by email: Admin [at]


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