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10.000 Wiki Media Monster List - High PR Included *** Special Price
Wiki Media Links - The New Shit

10.269 Postable Wiki Media List

For anyone that is serious about SEO, testing different strategies and different types of links is crucial for success.

I know that many of you already know about the Wiki Media backlinks. If you already tested them, you know they are worthed.

Remember the time when EDU & GOV backlinks where like gold?
Today is the time of Wiki Backlinks.

After I downloaded all the wiki media lists I could find, I managed to pull only about 1.500 unique wiki media. This may seem nice, but think of all the people blasting the hell out of them. Just like those shared scrapebox lists. Worthless.

I don't know about you, but I like to have the edge over my competition.
Call me crazy, but I loaded up scrapebox and scraped every single 'wiki' on the internet I could find. After few millions of tested websites I got down to a fresh list of over 10.000 wiki domains.

Postable with any wiki media poster.

What do I get?
*10.269 Unique Wiki Media Domain List
*Exclusivity - Only 50 copies sold

Domain Page Rank Breakdown:
PR8 x 4
PR7 x 15
PR6 x 93
PR5 x 273
PR4 x 564
PR3 x 923
PR2 x 935
PR1 x 966

If you've seen the market, a blast on 5.000 wiki media domains is $30 - $55. Hoping that all are unique domains..

You can get over 10.000 wiki media domains to post your backlinks for
only $39.5 for scrapeboxforum users

Order Now!
Excellent List! If you search any other forum, most of these lists go from $30-$80 so getting it at $19.50 is truly a steal.

I had over 7,000 successful posts with this using Extreme Wiki Poster. Top quality list!
Thank you S4ntOs for your kind review.

List is available for download right after the payment.
Payment processed by e-junkie (paypal).
I have updated the list from 7.000 unique wikis to over 10.000 wikis.

All buyers will get the updated list for free.

Only 30 copies remaining! Grab it now!
Really good list. Very high success rate and high PR too.
Only 25 Copies available now.
can you show few sample links..?
Check your PM nanexo.

Still to go: only 23 copies.
(04-14-2012, 08:44 AM)mindmaster Wrote: Check your PM nanexo.

just checked your pm right now,,

thanks for showing me few links..
but all of these wiki sites you shared are no follow..
Hi Nanexo,

this is the case with most of the wikis. A small percentage are do-follow.
Wiki's weight more in terms of domain authority.

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