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ADDON - Outbound Link Checker-USELESS?
I'm afraid I just don't get this add-on. Is there some secret way to sort, delete, edit, change, or save that list?!

I thought this was going to be so useful, but instead it is just useless to me. I can not remove ANY links from the checker. Does this make any sense to anyone else?
i was able to export the list, i believe it exports in a text file so i opened it up, saved it as a .csv file and then sorted the list that way. it really came in handy bc i bought a WSO for 400 do follow auto approve sites and i noticed quite a few were spammed to death so i ran them through this addon and came up with a 180 sites that have less than 100 links on there and sorted it from lowest to highest so i can target the best first.

so yeah, this addon does have its usefulness.

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