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Advanced Search Operators
I am having a difficulty with advanced search operators for harvesting. I use 1 connection and 50 proxies but I still get banned. The single threaded harvester doesn't use the crash dump logger and export uncompleted keywords to the keyword box. The custom harvester always gets very low results for me and I don't know why.

I want to use the main harvester but I keep getting banned. After a while, my URLs per second go to 11. Please advice me on some knowledge about this please.

I use private proxies.
I hate public proxies because they die too fast.
nevermind I figured it out. best to check proxies you buy before you begin scraping. Swap them out.
Glad you got it sorted. Yes sometimes you can get new proxies that are dead.
If those were, private proxies (not shared between many users) than you should ask for new ones

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