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Airsocks - innovative 4G / LTE mobile proxies
[Image: airsocks_11.png]

Wish you all a productive week! We are glad to share the latest news of our service:
  • We are preparing a large-scale update of the technical part of the proxy, which will qualitatively increase stability and speed. We have been developing it for half a year already
  • Recently, our site has undergone a massive DDoS attack and stopped functioning ... fortunately not for longSmile
    Such actions of our competitors only confirm that their proxies lose out in fair competition
  • Of course, we have our answer to this. In the near future, we will hold new promotions and stocks!
  • Moreover, we are preparing a total modern website redesign. All for our customersWink

[Image: airsocks-31.png]

Hello! We have good news:
We have successfully updated most of the software on all of our servers, which significantly increased stability and speed, both on private and on public channels.

There are still some fundamental updates and improvements ahead.

Want to know our news first and be the first to know about various promotions?

All this awaits you on our telegram channel - @airsocks_ch.

[Image: airsocks-32.png]

Do you have doubts in the purchase of our mobile proxies?

We will automatically provide a two-hour free test of shared channels after registering on our site. Also you can request a test of private channels in support.
The free test will provide an opportunity to evaluate all the advantages of mobile proxies, as well as to check their compatibility with the software.

If you have any questions, please contact our support.

[Image: cTikFI3.png]

Great news again! Following the US proxy, we launch the Croatian proxy!

Croatian mobile proxies will provide you even greater trust when working with accounts / services in the EU countries. Hurry up, the amount is limited!

You can get croatian mobile proxies test by contacting our support.

[Image: Hj1uofb.png]

Good news! We released a big update of dashboard.

Now you can set your own logins and passwords for proxies, common to all proxies or individual to each.
In addition, when authorizing by IP, for each proxy, you can specify individual IP lists for access.

Individual passwords and access will allow the use of proxies in services that do not support a certain length or special characters in the passwords and logins, as well it will simplify the resale of the proxy for our partners.

[Image: wRyEgbn.png]

Friends! This year we added mobile proxies of several new countries - the USA, Kazakhstan and Lithuania. Now no proxy provider can offer such a variety of operators as ours. And we are not going to stop there!

We are planning to launch several more countries in the near future. And you can help us choose the country you need by going through a small google-poll:

The reward for passing the test will be a 5% discount on the proxy order!

[Image: W0Lzqsj.png]

Breaking news! We announce a service for checking bots, proxies, determining IP and fingerprints of a browser - PROXYLEAK

We launched a new service to help determine the quality of proxies, VPNs, multi-accounts and bots.

Find data leaks before this data flows to your target services.

We tried to select and show you all the possible information about you, your proxies or your device.

You will see what anykind of site knows about you.

Unlike other services, PROXYLEAK shows non-obvious dependencies between fingerprints and display outputs that other leak service cannot show.

The beta test is already available, the service will update and develop with time. Hurry up to check what data target services can get - PROXYLEAK.COM

[Image: ApToBga.png]

At the request of users, we launched common channels with a 5-minute rotation!

This channels is suitable for tasks that do not have time to complete in 2 minutes and when you do not want to wait for 10 minutes a change of address.

Testing and buying, as always, is possible through our support! Purchase should only be made through your personal account on our site, beware of scammers!

[Image: RkOAgGm.png]

Doubt your proxy choice? We provide a free 24-hour test on public and private channels!

You can get a free test and consultation by requesting our support at the following contacts.


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