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Alive Checker
Hello, I'm using the Alive Checker with a few Million Urls but I've got the following problems:

1. I can't update the max threads in the .ini file. So I must start several Instances of the Plugin.
2. If I use for example 300.000 Urls in one Instance, it doesn't stop the connections if it is finished. There are about 1-5 Connections still running and the tool doesn't stop so I can't export the status codes.
3. The Tool isn't saving the finished data to a temporally .txt file. I think the data is only saved in the ram, so if there is a problem and I close the plugin, I can't use the loaded data. The Link extractor Plugins saves the partial data. Problem 2 and 3 that if there is a problem with only 1 thread, the whole data is lost.

Could you please fix it? Or have you already fixed it in V2.0?

Thank You

I am uncertain if you can up the threads in the ini in 2.0.

The reason 1 thread doesn't finish is that something is keeping the thread from closing, such as anti-virus, malware checker, firewall or some other 3rd party software is intefering. So make sure you set the addon as trusted/allowed in all security software and then also you can try shutting down any unneeded software and then turn it back on 1 by 1 until you find the culprit.

However I will request that the data be saved in real time.
v2 uses a different threading model, there shouldn’t be 1 thread left running unless say something with a higher privilege like an antivirus suspends the thread and application. So maybe v2 will work how you want. I talked to Scrapebox Support and they said you could try V2 if you like, please email

scrapeboxhelp (at] gmail {dot) com

and reference this thread.
Hi loopline, thank you for your help.
I've contacted the scrapebox support for trying the v2 beta Smile
Great, Im sure they will take good care of you. Your welcome.

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