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Are proxies important for these addons?
Is it ok to use Broken Links Checker and Backlinks Checker addons without proxies?

Seems to me neither of those two hit Google or any other search engine and so there wouldn't be risks of blocking local ip address.

Just wanted to confirm.

Backlinks checker uses moz, so it just depends on how many apis your using. If only 1 then yes.

Broken links checker is fine with no proxies, so long as its used with low connections. Else the end site will block your requests.
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great, thank you loopline.
When you say "low connections" means how many connections in this case?

By the way, can you clarify the concept of connections to me please?

I see this being used everywhere in sb but not sure exactly what it means.

thanks a lot.
2-3 connections per domain on average is low connections.

Connections/threads are the same. If its 2 connections thats like having 2 browser tabs open loading 2 different pages at the same time. 100 connections is 100 browser tabs open at the same time loading different pages.
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I see. Very clear.
Thanks a lot.
Let's say you have several proxies setup.
Does scrapebox distributes those connections among all of the proxies?

For instance, I see broken links checker has a default setting of 100 connections.

Would that mean I need 50 proxies to get to the ratio of 2 connections you proposed?

Or else reduce the number of connections always targetting the 2 connections/proxy ratio?

yes, proxies get use either randomly or in rotation, depending on the feature. but yes its more or less distributed evenly, or mostly evenly, its a bit random on purpose.

Generally yes your on point with your 2 connections per proxy, but its not cut and dry. Some domains are aggressive and ban really fast, like even at 2 connections. Most domains 2-3 connections are fine, and like wikipedia you can hammer all day at 7 connections or more and they won't ban you. So it just depends.
Cool. That clarifies.
I'm running broken links checker with several urls of a same website at once.
For some urls I do get results and for others I get error.
I'm using 10 proxies and 20 connections.
Is there any way I can find which of the proxies is being blocked so that I remove it from the list?
I know I could try running one by one, but was wondering if there's a better way.
That would be important when using a lot of proxies.

You can build a custom test for the site in question. But first just try it on 2 connections with no proxies as a test, does it run well?


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