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Are proxies important for these addons?
Hi Loopline,

I ran the test on two different sites.

Site 1:

The error occurred both using the proxies and without proxy.
The error with proxies was Error 403.
The error without proxies was 503.

Then I ran the custom test you suggested for the site.
All proxies passed the anonymous test.
Filled the configuration tab with the site url and string to be searched and ran the test.
In the "Google Test Result" column the test failed for all proxies (error 403 and 503).
Understand the is the correct column to check the results although it doesn't make much sense because the test wasn't on Google.

Site 2:

The error occured with proxies, but not without proxies.
With local ip it worked just fine.
With proxies the error was "Error socket connection".

Then aso ran the custom test.

Interesting that in the custom test all of the proxies passed both in the anonymous test and in the custom test.
That confused a bit on why proxies didn't work in the broken link checker if they passed the custom test.


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