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Are proxies important for these addons?
Hi Loopline,

I'm going with 10 proxies and 20 connections on these tests.

Indeed. I think I had missed to check the custom test box.
Now it says "Custom Test Result". Thanks for noting.

Ran that for site 1 and it said failed for all proxies (403s and 503s).
So for site 1 it's congruent. Proxies and local ip are blocked for broken link checker for whatever reason.
Just don't know what can be done to fix that.

Site 2 is the one that bugs me most.
It passed the custom test for 9 out of the 10 proxies I'm using.
So I removed this one that was failing and ran broken link checker with the ones that passed.
Still got "Error socket connection" for most urls.


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