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Are proxies important for these addons?
Sure. If you want you can pm me the site, or not, up to you

I spoke with the dev team and they said adding the ability to modify the user agent in the ini file should be possible on the next update. I have no eta, but once you see an update you can update the broken links checker.

Then go to your scrapebox folder \ addons \ broken links checker folder - and in there is a sbbrokenlinkschecker.addon.ini

in that file should then be a line item where you can put your own user agent. So just try out some different user agents. Note that when you modify this you will need to do it with the broken links checker addon closed down. So just close it down, modify and save the ini, then restart the addon and try it.

If you need user agents, you can just google for a list, you can try the user agent of your browser as well.

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