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Article Writing & Content Creation Package - Art+Vid+MP3+ eBook + SEO Optimized HTML!
Smiley-excited002 Article Writing And Content Creation Package - Articles + Vid + MP3 + eBook + SEO Optimized Smiley-excited002

NOTE to admins: I have contacted Dink as stated in the rules here.

Do you have content sites or money sites that need high quality content? Do you want visitors to stick to content and your site? And do you want content that attracts more people?

In today's Internet landscape no longer can you do a Markov generated article! To be able to get people to read your content and then tell friends about it, you need quality content. Add to this the change in the Internet where you need more than just articles, but video for YouTube, audio for iTunes, PDF for ScribD and other places, and also a very good optimized article that includes images that result in quality content on your website.

This is multidimensional marketing and I have been doing it for some time and you know what - it works!

Some time ago people asked me why we decided to grade content, and that is because no two writers are the same. Each possesses different skills and at Try A Million we focus on providing the diamonds and the emeralds. It is with great pleasure that our elite team of high quality writers can put together a smashing package that will give you + pluses rather than - minuses when you do your next marketing campaign online.

Here is what our A Grade Try A Million Article Writing And Content Creation Package comes with:
Written by high quality writers and producers you get:

* 1x 500-750 words of highly researched - high grade content from our High Level writers!
* MP3 audio version of the article.
* Video.
* PDF eBook version - can sell these on after as premium content!!!
* HTML SEO optimized version - done correctly with SEO scoring included from before and after optimization (see sample for full details!!!)
* 3x images - we source images and get you the rights to use these online - no worries and fully legit!

All in a nice package, you also get Copyscape checking, and as a general idea - 5-10 facts which shows you the shear scope of effort put into getting you a quality package that will propel your site forward just by the quality and ingenuity of the package that allows you to gain access to traffic from video, audio, eBook with both attraction factor and also an avenue to earn from reselling the eBook - the choice is yours!

Next Step:
We charge $97 for this package on our website, however as this is January 2012 and we all still here and no cataclysmic 2012 has happened so far, and 2012 looks set to be another great year we are going crazy and offering these prices for Scrapeboxforum members only (as you are professional this is the lowest prices you will find anywhere for our offers, so act now!)

First 2 paid orders get the entire package for only:
$20 each package

Next 10 orders after that $30 each package

Then $45 after that.

Make sure to put your order in fast as this offer is for a limited time only.

Turnaround times are generally within 7 working days.

Here is a sample package for your pleasure. I hope it not only helps you to see the package and what to expect, as well as provide you with something that can help you also.

SAMPLE from our servers:

How To Place Your Order Today:
To place your order simply PM me for our PayPal details. We accept PayPal! Once you have made payment, you can provide us with keyword details and other information. We have a convenient Excel sheet for your convenience to add the data you need to add in less than a few minutes! You can also look through the How To Order folder in the zip file sample package.

We look forward to working with you throughout 2012 and beyond.

Create a great day,

Smiley-happy006 Smiley-happy006 Smiley-happy006

There are 2 packages still available for only $20! Saving you $77!
Do you offer a content writing service without the "package" deal? I'm just looking for 500 word articles. Let me know if you offer them and how much they cost + turn around time.

Thank you
Hi s4nt0s.

Yes we do. I will give you current special pricing:
1x $5 for 450-500 word articles
10x @ $4.50 each
100x @ $4.00 each

Can offer subs for 10x or 100x, so we can provide 1x art per week for 10 weeks or 10 art per week x 10 weeks, if you are a serious hardcore IM'er. Add $0.50 per art for subscription payments.

Turnaround is in most cases 3 working days (Monday to Friday) once we confirm your order.

Note due to ethics we don't write:
disease & condition articles or articles that are based on hate, racist or detrimental to society.

PM sent to get started!
How much am I looking at for 3 articles per week subscription? Also let me know how many I'm looking at for 5 articles/week subscription.
PM sent with details S4nt0s.
Created IM Professional pricing area. S4nt0s you can order through there.

I sent you a PM and email but no reply so this should allow you to get access to our packages. Don't know if your PM quota is full up. Anyways place your orders here:

There is a 72 hour special pricing so if you need articles, then make sure to catch the 72 HOUR only special pricing. Currently just articles can be ordered through there. More packages will be added over time.
Im interested in 4 articles per week, please pm me your pricing. Article i will will be relevant to Online gaming. world of warcraft, star wars for example.
Wybron I sent you a PM. Something to note. That pricing was for just articles. If you wanted pricing for the vid, audio, ebooks and more, let me know and I will get you the prices.
Thanks for your order Wybron. We are all set.

If anyone requires content, remember you can order direct through:

If you require the A Pack Packages with video, audio, eBooks, etc, then PM me and I will get back to you soon as possible.

Thanks everyone and keep blasting!

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