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August 2012 Auto Approve High Authority Package
August 2012 ScrapeBox High Authority Package

Hello SEOists around the globe,

After few days of hard work, I have it ready : the newest high authority auto approve package. Besides the auto approve lists, edu & .gov lists, high pr, dofollow lists you can download now Slow Poster Low OBL Lists, Moderated Blog lists and Trackbacks.

[Image: august_package.jpg]

You will instantly receive over 250000 (250K) auto approve urls and over 300000(300K) moderatred and slow poster urls with PageRank up to 9 to post your blog comments, proxy sources, comments files and future discounts on our products. Each list is built to provide you the best in SERP busting quality.

August Auto Approve Benefits

75% – 99% Live Rate - Expect high backlinks styking rate
Unique Scraped – We take strong security measures to prevent leachers.
Panda and Pinguin Safe – We added generic keywords and measures to be safe
Private Lists – We sell max 40 copies of this list and then close the doors
Bad Words Filter – No Adult, Casino, Poker, Malware websites
High Compatibility – Use the lists with your favorite seo software
Fast Support – Contact us through Skype, Forum or email
Private Coaching – Join our forum with most successful SEO Marketers
24/7 Access – Login and download updated lists even if is 4AM

What’s in the August package

AugustAA_MasterList.txt – 122875 AutoApprove blog urls
AugustAA_HighPR.txt – 6570 High PR (1 to 7) auto approve blog urls
AugustAA_DoFollow.txt – 7289 Dofollow only AA urls ready
AugustAA_Edu&Gov.txt – 549 .EDU and .GOV high authority Auto Approve urls
AugustAA_MasterListPR.txt – All AutoApprove Urls with PR infos attached.
AugustAA_Trackbacks.txt – 113348 Auto Approve URLs to post trackbacks
AugustAA_BonusList.txt – 20345 Auto Approve urls for free

August_WikiList.txt – 4370 high authority WIKI working urls
August_Bookmarking.txt – 1394 bookmarking urls like Pligg,PHpdug etc
August_ManuallyHighPR – Over 100 low obl High PR urls to comment manually

AugustMOD_MasterList.txt – 250000 moderated blog urls from uique domains
AugustMOD_Edu&Gov.txt – 21734 moderated .EDU and .GOV high authority blogs

AugustSlowPoster_MasterList.txt – 21278 blog urls . Post using SB Slow Poster.
AugustSlowPoster_EDU&Gov.txt – 40 .edu and .gov only blog urls

75000 Names and 75000 Unique Emails list to use for comments
Bonus #1 – Unique generic keywords – post pinguin update
Bonus #2 – Unique Spintax Comment List
Bonus #3 – Excerpts file to use for Trackbacks posting
Bonus #4 – Settings file to get over 80% success backlinks rate
Bonus #5 – Additional Auto Approve Lists
Bonus #6 – Huge 20% discounts on our future products including 6000 pligg lists and AA Club
Bonus #7 – Private Forum Access to discuss latest blackhat seo techniques
20% discounts on our future products including 6000 pligg lists and VIP Club

You will get about 85% success backlinks found rate if you will use our recommended settings. This are actually FOUND entries, not just success posts. Each package comes with 100+ Spinnable Comments. This list will generate thousands of different comments with each new post. Comment list is valued at $40 alone!

HighPR Url Rundown

1 urls x PR 7
7 urls x PR 6
16 urls x PR 5
188 urls x PR 4
863 urls x PR 3
1844 urls x PR 2
4328 urls x PR 1

Please note this are not domains PR but actual url page rank. This way you will receive more rank to your website. Most of them are Word Press. There are also Blog Engine, MovableType and other urls. BE blogs are generally dofollow.

Real Customer Testimonials

[Image: email_testimonial.png]
[Image: testimonial_1.jpg]

Order now

[Image: price_3995.png]

Shh.....Use secret discount code BACKLINKSPOWER for an instant $8 discount. Enter the code on e-junkie checkout page

List retested:
Only 20 copies available

This sale is open on numerous marketing forums and the orders are instantly processed. Don’t get left out. while the counter hit 50 sales we close the sale in order to protect the list of being overused.

>>> Download the list now <<<

List is available for instant download after payment. Payment is via paypal.

Note: There is a readme file regarding optimal connection settings for these lists, make sure you read it for best results.

If you are looking for fresh auto approve lists tested every days, scrapebox goodies, fresh proxies then you should check our Daily Updated Lists Package.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Of course these are unique urls from all the latest Auto Approve lists we sold.All of these work in Scrapebox Fast Poster, however this list could be used with any blog commenter that will comment to those platforms.

Once this pack is sold out, you will receive an additional supplement Auto Approve EDU list to make up for any dead/404′d links that build up over the month.

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