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Authority Scrapebox Package #13- 40% discount- Auto Approve List, Low Outbound Links
I received a lot of emails from my clients telling me to keep the quality of my packages and also to maintain the low OBL for my auto approve lists.

Guess what? I present you the biggest unspamed Auto Approve List – Authority Scrapebox Package #13
It’s a very powerfull auto approve list with almost 90k AA urls from over 4300 Unique Domains.

Why is so powerfull ? Well, probably you noticed that some new Auto Approve List providers are just rebuilding their old lists and sell them again. Also I see a lot of people who combine some other people lists and offer them at half price. That means heavily spamed urls => 0% quality.

I harvest fresh auto approve domains each day from the end of 2010. If you still don’t believe old sellers means quality AA lists I challenge you to try this one. You will get a 40% discount(instead of 30%) if you subscribe to my list.

Just wanted to mention that 76% of the list has under 50 Outbound Links.(that’s the number of comments posted on each page).

And more than a half of the list has < 20 OBL.

From almost 90k AA Urls:

68.575 links < 50 OBL
45.271 links < 20 OBL


89.479 Auto Approve Links from 4.342 Unique Domains
2307 High PR Auto Approve Urls
658 d0follow Only AA Urls
160 .edu & .edu.xx Auto Approve Links
16 .gov.xx AA Urls

High PR Urls breakdown:

PR5 X 3
41 X PR4
193 X PR3
542 X PR2
1527 X PR1

Bonus: A list with over 500 generic keywords for Penguin recovery.

I will sell only 30 copies! So, grab your package before it’s sold out!

Price for Authority Scrapebox Package#13(launched on 30 July): $49

But wait! You can get it 40% cheaper. If you want 40% discount, make sure you subscribe here and you will receive your discount code right away.

You can buy the list here.

Updated: June, 2020 -Scrapebox List- is Authority Scrapebox Package #155 - Over 270k Auto Approve Links-AA urls,High PR low OBL

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