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Backlinks Alone Isn't Enough

Hey everyone,

I've decided to make a post based on some recent exprience with the search engines...

I've noticed that backlinks alone won't get you good results.

Backlinks is just one important part, but not a fix all solution.

I've noticed that google, yahoo and bing put alot of weight on content as well. So if you have 10,000 backlinks but only 5 pages of content you're never going to see any good amount of traffic.

What you need is content pages such as articles, at least 30 articles.

My advice is sit down one weekend and just focus on writing articles, write 30 unique articles for one of your niche sites. But do not publish them all at once. Publish no more than 2 articles per day.
If you try to publish too many articles at once, you will look spammy to google.

I'd like to hear what you think is needed in order to get some decent traffic, as far as I can tell the following areas need to be covered:
- Lot's of Backlinks
- Some High PR backlinks
- Publishing new content on a daily basis.
- Easy website navigation + decent design/theme
- Privacy + Contact + About... pages
- Sitemap

So any suggestions and ideas as to how we can get more targetted traffic?
seems interesting... I would like to add -related quaility backlinks of your niche maybe and when posting articles try to make it natural. ex. day 1 - 2 articles , day 2- 3 articles and so on... be consistent in building backlinks too to stay under the radar.
Almost forgot...

Social Bookmarking is very important too.

So as soon as you have a new page/article up on your site do a social bookmarking run and then do a ping run.
As to get these indexed in search engines fast.
Also, create articles on Social Networks.
Forum links - Not much of it, just to ensure you have different types of links.

I think, ScrapeBox, should be able to handle these.
both yahoo and bings algorithym makes the amount of internal pages a very important factor in serps,
especially yahoo since about 2/3 years ago when the algorithym changed in a big way, before that a 1 page subdomain with loads of links could be number 1, then all the spammy sites disapeared completely, and it was amount of internal pages and wether it was in the yahoo directory or had a link from an important page i.e. wikipedia, now it has evened out a bit, but the amount of internal pages is taken into account as a buffer against sites that have 1 page and loads of links, to prevent what yahoo was full of before,
bing also takes freshness of the sites into account, i had sites on page 1 of bing 2 weeks after putting them online, but this does not last, and the bing algorithym is enormously unpredictable and doesnt seem to be based on logic at all.

duplicate content can still get ranked or get traffic in all 3 search engines, but with google pages with duplicate content drop out after a while, usually days, the other 2 it doesnt matter.

with google the pr on the pages is almost irrelevent on wordpress blogs, if youve got more than the site below you then you will stay on top, although high pr pages do give you a boost in the serps,
pages from wordpress blogs are a lot better than from a non wordpress site because they get crawled more, so the link gets found quicker, and even if it has no pr , google quite often recognises it as a link, on a non wordpress site, it has to have pr to be recognised as a link, so it appreciates freshnes as well as pr.

most important factor at all is link text, the most important on page factor is page title, and how you contruct it.
Nice post omg,

I agree more content is needed to get more rankings.

Still I miss the old google, I've been doing business online since 1997 and I remember how easy it was to rank top in google in the past. You simply needed optimized content and a few links pointing back to your domain.

Many people talk about white hat vs black hat seo.
But the truth is alot of top rankings in google are nothing but blackhat backlinks, thousands of them.

Google has made it very difficult for us to rank for some good keywords. Yet they still keep all the link sammers on the first page results. This tells me that google needs to tweak it's algoritm even more.

As long as backlinks can get you top rankings there will be lots of spammers.

I have a cold, need to focus on some content creation. Smile

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