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Bad Effectiveness Poster
(07-12-2015, 07:24 PM)arizz33 Wrote: Hi ,

I am new user scrapebox and have problem with poster, I create my wordpress list and setting poster add website , email , name etc ... and captcha services ,

results :

[Image: bizjZxI7.png]

Really bad , Such is the efficiency of this poster always time ?

Please answer me SmileNewhere

The poster in V2 is highly efficient and success rates are good, with a good list.

But it can't post to pages where there is no form, or where comments are closed or category pages, etc...

This is a case of a bad list. Scrapebox can only post to pages that are postable. If you can post specific examples of urls that you visit in a browser and they have a form and they are wordpress etc... but sb can't post to them, then we can talk about specific advice.

But you blacked out your bad list, so that leaves us with blaming the list as its the most probable cause.

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