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Best way to export data with data Custom graber
Hi scrapebox family, 

I'm using custom datagraber to extract data from

I need to grab address, phone number, geolocalisation which are all avalaible on the page. 

I'm wondering how to separate each data I grab in a separate column. Indeed, when I grab multiple data (in my case phone and address for exemple) those are export in a txt files with all data in a row. This is not convenient at all to review it. I would like to know how to extract data with a format like csv or xlsx to be able to separate each data from a mask in a separate column. 

I hope you can understand my problem.

Thanks a lot for your time and help

The custom data grabber is only built to grab a single piece of data.

If you want to grab multiple pieces of data you want the custom data grabber that is part of the email scraper plugin. It can scrape multiple pieces of data, has more robust options and better filters. Additionally it exports in excel style format as well as there are other tools in the email scraper plugin that could be useful with the custom data grabber depending on the website your using.

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