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Black list not showing nor updating?
Hi, thanks for taking a sec.

I've just re-installed sb and I'm not seeing a way to update the cloud black list.

I see "Black List" and below:
Edit users black list
edit poster black list
edit poster white list

Where can I find the update cloud black list?

Thank you,
The cloud blacklist is a list maintained by Scrapebox as a company and is not editable.
Hi, thanks for your reply.

I think I didn't communicate properly what I"m trying to achieve.

I simply want to update my installation to have the correct black list live on it.

I've been off sb for a bit, but it used to do this automatically when I started it.

I don't see a place to refresh it or otherwise.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Oh, its done automatically now. When you first start scrapebox you will see some boxes popup from time to time with the spinning type wheel. Scrapebox actually updates a dozen or so things automatically now.

It used to cause too many issues where something would just be out of date because a user chose not to update it and they would mail support and waste a bunch of time only to find out they just needed to click update. Plus its a bad user experience to now have the latest updates, so its automatic now.

You need to manually apply it though, when you scrape you need to go to remove/filter >> apply X blacklist to get it filtered. Its no longer automatic from the scraped results, as that also caused issues.

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