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[Image: blackhatlinks.jpg] presents:

The Best & Fastest Blog Commenting / Trackback Service

We offer different kinds of Comment / Trackback Backlink Packages.
Reviews from reputable forum members can be found here.

Who we are?
We run our own dedicated 100mbit servers to scrape urls and handle all orders.
Our url database receives daily fresh urls from our exclusive self written bots.
The database has a current size of ~ 4 million urls.
We work 24h at 365 days a year. The process from order to report is 100% automated to serve the fastest Comment Blast service out there.

What do we offer? offers 3 different Backlink Packages.

• Quality Backlinks
• Quality High PR Backlinks
• Cheap Links

The Quality Backlink Package has a maximum OBL (Outbound Link) count of 50 !!!
That means there are not more than 50 external links on the comment page where you will get your link from.
Use these Packages to increase your money site rankings.
Links should be used to point directly to your money site.

The Quality High PR Backlink Package contains of links with a Pagerank between 1 to 8 and a maximum OBL count of 50.
Use these Packages to increase the Pagerank of your money site.
This Package has the same features as the Quality Package but uses only High Pagerank sites.
The Pagerank various from PR1 to PR8. The urls are randomly loaded from our database.

The Cheap Backlink Packages have more than 50 outbound links on the comment page.
Use these Packages to push your money sites backlinks or 1st,2nd,3rd tier/satellite sites.
Do not use the Cheap Link Packages directly to your money site.
This Package is comparable with the links you get from the rest comment blast supplier out there.

What makes this service better compared to other comment posting services? is a very experienced seo team.
The key features are:
100% Verified live links
Low OBLs (Outbound Links)! A backlink page does not have not more than 50 External Links (except cheap links)
Overdelivery of min. 15%
• Mixture of Do-Follow and Nofollow Links
• Very detailed report (e.g. Report.csv)
Fast order delivery. Mostly less than some hours.
Affordable prices
No duplicate links.
Multi URL and multi keyword support
No useless Javascript links

Due to the fully automatic process we can offer a really fast blog commenting service, because we do not make use of scrapebox. Small orders (< 10k) are processed within a hour.

Backlink Packages:

Quality Links
(Low OBLs count of max. 50)

1.000 Backlinks - $5
5.000 Backlinks - $10
10.000 Backlinks - $15
20.000 Backlinks - $25
50.000 Backlinks - $49
100.000 Backlinks - $84

[Image: order_low_obl_button.png]

Quality High PR Links
(Google Page Rank > 1 + Low OBLs count of max. 50)

100 Backlinks - $5
500 Backlinks - $15
1.000 Backlinks - $25
1.500 Backlinks - $35
2.000 Backlinks - $49
3.000 Backlinks - $60

[Image: order_high_pr_button.png]

Cheap Links
(OBLs count larger than 50)

1.000 Backlinks - $1
5.000 Backlinks -$3
10.000 Backlinks - $7
20.000 Backlinks - $13
50.000 Backlinks - $30
100.000 Backlinks - $49

[Image: order_cheap_button.png]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
We can help you find the right package for your individual needs.

Payments accepted: PayPal
Contact details: Please use Contact Form from
Support languages: English, German
Refund policies: 100% money back guarantee if you do not get what you’ve ordered.

If you unsure of buying take a look at the


from different reputable forum members.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How much time do you need to process a order?
A: After your payment is complete, your order is automatically transfered to our servers to ensure a fast order handling. If we have no load we will process your order in 1 to 3 hours, depending on your order size. But we try to handle your order in 48 hours.

Q: What kind of Link Packet would you recommend to my site?
A: It is not possible to give a general answer to this question. How old is your site, how much backlinks do you actually have, how much backlinks do you get per month/day in average etc...
If you like to get a specified answer, please use the contact form before you order. We try to help you finding the right amount of backlinks for your custom needs.

Q: Which URLs will be arranged to my order?
A: The urls will be taken completely random from the database according to your Link Package.

Q: How much URLs can I use?
A: You can use the spintax with up to 40,000 chars like {url1|url2|url3}.

Q: How much Keywords can I use?
A: You can use the spintax with up to 40,000 chars like {keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}.

Q: How does the URLs and Keyword spintax be used?
A: There are two fields at the order form. One for URLs and one for Keywords.
The URLs and Keywords are chosen randomly.

For example:
URL field: {url1|url2|url3|url3|url4}
Keyword field: {keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}
will be:
PHP Code:
<a href="url2">keyword1</a
a href="url4">keyword3</a
a href="url3">keyword1</a
a href="url4">keyword2</a
a href="ur1">keyword3</a
a href="url2">keyword1</a

Q: Do I have to ping the receive links?
A: No. There is no need to ping the links because the blog posts have already been indexed. Let google crawl your links naturally.

Q: Is it possible to schedule the links?
A: Yes. At the order form you can find a field "Execution Date". Set this date to the day you like the order to be processed.

Q: What is the Dofollow / Nofollow rate?
A: 5-10% are Dofollow. That is a quite good rate for Blog Comments.

Q: If I buy Quality High PR Links is it Domain PR or Page PR?
A: Page PR.

Q: My site is banned by Akismet. Can you still provide this service?
A: Yes.

Q: I do not have Excel to open the Report.csv. What to do?
A: You can Download the free CSVFileView 1.12

If you have any further question feel free to contact us.

We launched a member area.

Become a free member and
get up to 30% discount!
Your Member Benefits:

[*] Up To 30% DISCOUNT
[*] Order Without Using PayPal
[*] Order Archive
[*] Order Status

NEW Web 2.0 Blog Backlink Service

100% Copyscape passed articles.
Unique Domains

Several Platforms (Elgg, Dolphin, Moodle, Jcow)

What makes Web 2.0 links so essential?

You get contextual links
  • Improves your Link/IP/Domain diversity
  • 500 unique domains
  • Your keyword(s) as anchor text
  • Unlimited keywords/URLs Free Submission to get links crawled by google
  • All packages include backlinks to your articles as Tier2
  • Very detailed report (including published Web 2.0 posts, so you can blast links to it)
  • Fast order delivery, most of the time less than a few hours.
  • Affordable prices
  • One way backlinks
  • 100% copyscape passed articles
  • Mix of do.follow / nofollow links
  • Supports special chars like Chinese, Greek, etc...

[Image: 67qk.png]

[Image: qsdb.jpg]

NEW Quality Social Bookmark Backlinks

The Quality Social Bookmark Package contains permanent one way backlinks from bookmarking sites.
Social Bookmarking is an essential part of SEO to keep your link diversity high.

We generate unique descriptions for each Social Bookmark.
This is done by scraping 10 articles and spin them. For each Social Bookmark we use just some parts of each article spintax to get a completly new description.

With the Quality Social Bookmark Package you get a nice Dofollow and nofollow link mix aswell as a wide range domain popularity.
Each bookmark link will serve you with a one way backlink from a different domain.

You will receive a full report after completion.
The report includes all the links we build for you plus additional information like Domain PR, Outbound Links, Dofollow / Nofollow etc...

You can hand in unlimited urls and keywords for your order.

We submit your new Social Bookmark links to to ensure a 100% crawling rate by google.

You can choose between different package sizes. From 20 to 800 links.

For an example of a Social Bookmark link please click here: Social Bookmark Link Example

What makes Social Bookmark links so essential?

  • Unique Description - 100% Copyscape passed
  • Unlimited URLs and keywords
  • Multi URL and Keyword support
  • Improves your link diversity (We use Pligg, Elgg and PhpDug platform)
  • Unique domains -> high domain popularity
  • Free Submission to get links crawled by google
  • Detailed report (including published bookmark URL, so you can blast links to it)
  • Fast order delivery. Mostly less than some hours.
  • Affordable

[Image: dbs3.png]
[Image: payment_options.png][Image: payment_options.png]

We Accept now PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer and Skrill !
You can top up your members credit balance with these services:

If you have any further questions feel free.

[Image: payment_options.png][Image: payment_options.png]

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