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Blog posting,..
Is blog posting is better as compared to forum posting,.....
share your idea,..
If you can do both much better... backlink diversity is a good idea.

For forum, be sure that your profile is publicly viewable and indexed.

For blog commenting, make sure it's approved or choose an auto-approved blogs to comment on.
Neither are "better" as each have their own benefits.
I think forums are easier for mass backlinking.
But then so are blogs with SB.
Blog posting is a tool in seo as it increase your backlinks.
Yes indeed. In content links are considered the best by many a top SEO expert.
Blog commenting is better to get more back links quickly,..and improves you websites ranking,..
Blog posting is one of the best strategy to marketing your business online,its the part of off page SEO,its really very helpful to get traffic in your web site,it gives backlinks faster and helpful to increase the sales.
Blog commenting is best technique to increase your website traffic and ranking quickly,its also a best way to get the back links easily ,.

Both are good but blog commenting is more powerful and beneficial than forum posting. With blog commenting we can generate more traffic on site.
Both, blog posting and forum posting have their own benefits. The most important aspect is posting content that is relevant and that provides with value to the people. Only then you will be able to get a good response for a blog post or a forum post.

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