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Boosting EzineArticles Views with ScrapeBox
hmm.....the info sounds good as it's informative as well as helpful.I appreciate with that.

Thanks for sharing
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(05-17-2010, 10:34 PM)hnbaby Wrote: now I used it boost my ezine articles. hope help everyone here. Boosting EzineArticles Views service

Are they using SB to provide this service???? Idea Probably, they are; just a thought.

(07-01-2010, 05:32 PM)ppro1 Wrote: this method dose not work on ezinearticles anymore, I tired myself and failed... but still works on some other sites which shows that ezinearticles has improved their system...

In all likelihood, you may be doing something wrong. I.E., not using proxies, using free proxies, using transparent proxies, using proxies EZA has blacklisted, pinging a page that previously had ZERO to a few page views; that usually raises a quick red flag.

If you are going to deploy this method, first assess if it is worth your time. Meaning, what is the payoff going to be? If your article gets to the top of the EZA mountain and you have a decent CTR... and the reader lands on your page and you have a decent conversion rate, what is your actual payoff?

If it's worth it, then I would run that page through a PR software like MS and/or PB; you will get some views, maybe not a lot, then again you may. After that PR run, set up SB to ping your targeted EZA article. What you just did was got some traffic to your site PRIOR to deploying SB ping services.

That method takes some extra effort but if its worth it in terms of the payoff, then go for it!

REMEMBER, EZA and other top ADs have systems in place to protect the integrity of their databases. Many of them use algorithms to detect faux views/traffic. By setting up and deploying a better system, you can avoid being red flagged.

And one last thing, use PPs! The best practice is to use a service like PBonanza, with a package that provides you with more than 10 different IPs.

Hope that helps.Idea

wtf guys!!!

you dont ping your article to gain views!!!

The article sites count only one proxy per day so if you have 300 proxies, you can only have 300 page views per day. Transfer all your working (tested) proxies to the main proxy list. In the “Comment Poster” section.

You have to trick scrapebox into pretending to view the page so you get realistic looking page hits to each of your articles. What you are going to do is set the website field as your referring URL (the URL where the fake viewer was supposed to come from) and set the blogs area as our article’s URL. When set to WordPress, Scrapebox goes to the page using a unique IP, loads the page, and takes some time scanning the page to try and post comments. It shows up as coming from another site and then viewing our article. Since there is nowhere for Scrapebox to comment, we can simulate a viewer actually reading the article since it takes some time in the Slow Commenter for Scrapebox to find the comment box that is non-existent. Before we actually start posting, we need to setup a few Scrapebox options.

Be sure to go to Settings>Adjust Maximum Connections and slide the “Change Proxies Every x Post” bar to 1.
Once you are done, go ahead and press “Start Posting” and in a few minutes you should have views!
WARNING: Try to make it look as natural as possible by only doing maybe 25- 50 views a day. You are able to do more and get away with it but ultimately how far you decide to push it just increases your risk.

That's how you do it - It has nothing to do with the ping function!

[Image: reputation.png]
In the Ping . I can't understand ping number - default 100 ms , and the website?
Why the website is google, bing, yahoo?? not my site.
Thank. Help me under stand pinging
I think ezine has updated their system & plugged this loophole. Anyone have a different result?
from what i know ezine did nsome changes since they caught up with this lately as many users have increased their views this way, so maybe that would explain why this doesn't work anymore. Keep us updated an let us know if you had any luck
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I have not suffered with this kind of ezine problem. But I can believe this tricks would be works to solved it.

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