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Broken Links Checker - anchor links
So it looks like It won't detect if an anchor link page is broken. Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing that will allow anchor links to be scanned. 

It will only find that 2nd link is broken. Both give 404 pages because /whats-it-worth/ was renamed to a different page. So it's not that the anchor is bad, the whole page is bad.
using a pound sign # creates a fragment of the url. What I mean is

In a URL, a hash mark, number sign, or pound sign ( # ) points a browser to a specific spot in a page or website. It is used to separate the URI of an object from a fragment identifier.

The part with the #money doesn't change the url, when you click to the url its still only going to the base url then moving you down the page.

Are you saying that the link with the # shows as valid?

If you can give a specific example of a real site that might be helpful.
"Are you saying that the link with the # shows as valid?"

Well, I think it ignores it completely neither valid nor invalid. It's quite all right. Just making sure I didn't do something wrong on my end. i just have to be vigilant that my links being tested aren't anchor links. I had hoped that it would still try and validate that base URL and come back as a broken link. Thanks Loopline for explaining it a bit. I was just looking for an alternative to having 300+ WP Broken Link Checker plugins installed on my server. InfiniteWP + plugin solved my issue. Just uses resources.
Well I would think it would look at the base url, but I cant' see it failing. so if you had some specific real world examples, that would be easier to test and determine.

Else if you sorted it and your happy all good, but if you want to post here or pm me some real world examples I can take a look and get with the developer and see what can be done etc...

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