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can I scrape google serps top 100?
Hello all!
News on here, just purchased scrapebox a couple of wks ago!

I have a question, if someone can point me in the right direction please.
I want to enter in a keyword phrase like; “web designers”
And have scrapebox return the top 100 Google SERP listings ,, ie all top 100 URLs that rank for that search term,, and maybe be able to change the initial search location,,, so for example it’s from (United Arab Emirates) instead of US.
Can this be done?
Can someone explain how this is done (if it can be) or point me to a video as I can’t seem to work out how to do this,, I tried searching for an answer on google as well,, and it just links to scrapebox homepage!

Many thanks in advance
yes of course. Just set the results box to 100 instead of 1000. ITs in the lower left hand quadrant of the main scrapebox window (on windows) or the upper right hand quadrant (on mac).

and then to scrape

and then for locations

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