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Can You Do Something About The Spam
This forum is filled up with spam, pretty ironic, but it's pretty much
destroying parts of this forum, it's to bad, hope something could be done about it.

Maybe make a couple extra spam questions, as the captcha is easy taken care of by forum posters, eg. Scrapeboard, lol. I use the tool myself, but I don't post to the same forum 10 times a day, maybe it's revenge.
Taken care of now Smile

Installed a plugin which requires 2 different image sets to be entered when signing up, so spam should be over now.
Glad to see that Spam it's gone.
Updated: March, 2020 -Scrapebox List- is Authority Scrapebox Package #153 - Over 160k Auto Approve Links-AA urls,High PR low OBL
informative!!! it is a nice information
Its really a good news Smile

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