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Captcha Sniper still in business? They won't respond
Hiya - So per the suggestion on the sister site, I went to Captcha Sniper's website, clicked purchase and selected I wanted to buy the software for $57 with bitcoin.  It gave me the address to send my btc.  I sent it and..........absolutely nothing happened.  The screen didn't refresh.  It didn't ask for my email.  It did *nothing*.

In the last 24+ hours I tried to contact them via their webform but have had no response.  I tried emailing the support email listed on the bottom of their page, but it bounced as undeliverable.  I tried to sign up to their forum, but it refused to allow new accounts to be created.

I fear I've just burned $57 of bitcoin on a service that no longer exists.

Anyone have any information?

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