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Confused..... Activation Process/Windows Server
(07-22-2016, 10:42 PM)loopline Wrote: It doesn't matter. The email and paypal transaction ID are the imporant parts that must be entered correctly and can not be changed.

Technically the name doesn't matter. Now you can't sell a license, so if changing the name somehow causes an issue then you can work that out with support.

But in general if you get the name the same or not it doesn't really matter.

Thank you so much for your input. That helps me very much and proves i`m not going mad..... As you know I have used my name & partners, so thanks for confirming that neither names matter......

I have Triple Checked (10x) Paypal Email & Trans ID field. Both are correct.

I have doubled checked and triple checked my license details and applied twice again for validation via SB program since waiting for a forum reply and still no go!

When I enter SB license details (in any name, using PP email & ID) I get the validation "processing message" and after 12 hours, the processing message has gone and no active license message appears again.

I completely gutted as not been able to use SB since last Friday Sad

Its like loosing an arm......

Hope to hear back ASAP and thanks Loopline for your fabulous video tutorials..... Cant wait to get stuck in again!!

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