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Confused..... Activation Process/Windows Server
I have been patient over the last few weeks and downloaded a new copy of Srapebox "as advised" after the "reset" period. I have re-entered name, email and transaction ID correctly today & STILL SB resets with no access at all, after 1 month! Its a fresh copy/install?!

Kindly please can someone help? Support are not supporting me and no help on here for weeks. Obviously I am not keen on giving developers of this product more money for extra license transfers, when I dont need too....

I bought the program and I now require support. Simple.

Is there anyone that can man the SB email box who is competent enough to explain and help with this issue. I do not know what else to do or try.

Kind regards


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No Access To SB After Fresh Install From Support - by ECA_UK - 08-08-2016, 07:42 PM

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