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CPU reaching 99%
Hello everybody,

I'm using scrapebox for a month now and I really like it. At the begining, I had no problem grabbing emails by crawling sites. But for 2 days, when I start grabbing emails from the url's harvested using proxies, it works well for several minutes but at a time, the CPU starts to raise quickly until 99% and then the program (and the entire computer) freezes.

Do you know where the problem could come from ? 

I tried to use a program to limit manually the cpu dedicated to scrapebox but scrapebox reachs the limit and then freeze. I don't if there is a link with the program update I made or the addons installed..

Thank you for your answer Smile
Does it do this without proxies?

Are they public or private proxies?

How many connections are you using?
Also are we talking about the email scraper plugin, or are we talking about the email scraper that is built into the core of scrapebox?
Thank you for your answer.

It does this with public proxies which passed the google test, I didn't try without because I can't grab emails on any site.

I tried with 30, 60 and 100 connections, always the same problem.

I'm talking about the email scraper built into the core of scrapebox
So try it without proxies, you don't really need proxies. Public scraped proxies could massively lower success rates anyway and they can expose your real ip anyway, plus they die uber fast and they operate uber slow.

I would just try it with 1 thread/connnection and no proxies and see what happens?
I tried without proxies, but CPU raised again until 99%. Then I filtered the database, and deleted the URL linked with a research on the website (the URL were grabbed with the scrapebox addon) and now it's working. Before Scrapebox blocked with these URL and didn't go to the next URL even after the timeout limit, so at a moment every threads were blocked. I think the problem came from here, but I don't know why.
Anyway, thank you for your help Smile
Well Im not sure why it happened either, but glad you got it sorted. Smile

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