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Custom Footprints in Drupal
After harvesting for "Powered by Drupal" and getting my results, removing dupes etc etc how do we auto post to the blogs ?
Nothing I have tried works.

Cheers in advance Smile


Oh, Hi BTW ;-)
I would like to know the answer to this question also, never tried it but vey interested.
I think Drupal only works with the Slow Poster in accurate mode (auto detection). So you will need to select the Slow Poster in accurate mode to post on that blogs. Similar what "CMS or blog" you chose to post, scrapebox will auto detect that its a drupal blog and handle it like that. But i never posted on so far.
So out of the options:
Wordpress, Moveable Type, BlogEngine, Manual

Which one do we select when trying to post to Drupal sites?

It would be pointless if it was Manual, so im guessing one of the other three but ive tried them all without success, so need some guidance please.Anyone

The Slow mode is BlogEngine, but even with Accurate Slow mode selected, and set to BlogEngine im getting 100% failure with drupal sites.
Try manual submitting your comments to drupal, a lof of them require registration &&|| moderation by admins. So i wouldn't bet my money on those ones.

Maybe try more specific footprints because Powered by Drupal doesn't necessarly mean you can post your comment.
That's because Scrapebox doesn't post to drupal sites, it might get lucky a few times but otherwise it's best to manually post to them. You always want to manually post on high PR blogs and auto-post on the rest. There's plenty of crappy low pr blogs to auto-post to throughout wordpress,blogengine,and movabletype.
Try this: Powered by Drupal + "Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically." (1,060,000 results) Powered by Drupal + "Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically." (305,000 results)

and keep going with all of the tld's.

Without the site: in the footprint it shows 6,520,000 results. More then enough to go around.

If you want to make sure the Homepage field is in the comments portion then use this:

Powered by Drupal + "Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically." + "Homepage:"

Along with the site: filter for each tld you want.
I appreciate the rapid response from you. I have seen reference to the Views module but have yet to look at it. I just thought for something so simple as 4 simple fields being formatted and displayed in a specific area of the site, doing it without a full plugin would be the way to go to try and keep load down on the server.

I will go ahead and look at the Views plugin. I figured it would be the first suggestion I got honestly, but I have not tried it yet for the aforementioned reason.

I have so much learning to do with is amazing how large it actually is when you get down into its guts. Smile
Many of you may have tried Blog Commenting as a mode of linkbuilding. I wouldn't say it's the best or it's proven to be real good but i can surely say that it works.
There are tonnes of open-source platforms out there that are available for free using which we can create a self-hosted blog of our own.

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