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Custom FP to find inurl:KW on blog/NON-blog sites?
In google you can type in a search for "inurl:keyword" and get back a list of all sites where the domain and/or path contains the keyword. No problem... but getting that data into a txt file using Google is a bitch.

Trying to figure out how to use SB to identify all sites that contain KW in URL as a starting point to analyze competition (doesn't matter whether site is a blog or not).

Can this be done w/ SB? I've had no success yet using custom footprint to do this. I tried (using made up kw here):

Custom fp: inurl:"american jobs act"
Keywords: american jobs act (no quotes)

I get back a list of sites with random names that don't contain the kw.


I also tried:
Custom fp: inurl:google
Keywords: google

And THAT brought back sites w/ the kw "google" in them.

Since using a single word kw (google) brought back good results maybe this is a stupid newbie mistake but I'm getting nowhere...

Thanks in advance,


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