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Custom Scraping (Name, Phone Number, Etc)
Hey Guys,

I dont know if scrapebox is capable of doing this but this is what I bought it for specifically.

I want to scrape some information from a chamber of commerce that I currently work with (they are ok with this since they dont have an Excel Document of all their members for some stupid reason)

Here is the main website


If you click on the first category you can see each members information


Basically I want to do a custom scrape where it will get the following information

Business Name
Business Address
Contact Person Name
Phone Number
Member Since

Does Scrapebox have the ability to do this? If so, where do I actually put in the custom scrape information? I am very adept with most programming languages but cant figure out where to put the info in scrapebox to tell it what I want to grab.

Any info would be great, thanks so much
i can create you a custom software to grab all these info from the website all you have to do is leech urls from sb then add it to the software and , it will grab all the info you need.

name me a price and il make it for u.
[email protected] if u interested
Use comments grabber http://scr.hu/0z/dn6bt
Here is a video on the custom data grabber.


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