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Decaptcher issues...
Has anyone managed to successful create an account with them and fund their account? I never could do it with xrumer so I'm not holding out much hope.... LOL
Yes, unfortunately it takes several tries and several days.
I had no problem loading account with 10k tries, works ok with Scrapebox as well
Created and funded with Paypal on 30 Aug but my account still showing zero funds.

Tried mailing to both the admin at decaptcher and Avangate without success. No reply after 1 full week!!!

This is their normal standard of customer support? Angry
Really sounds like an error on their part. I use decaptcher with abb and senuke and I can last for weeks.
never had a problem with it - funded right off and used

but hell... nowdays I filter out the captcha blogs because them little kids in India hardly get the captcha on the third or fourth try - just slows everything down to much!

will someone over there please open up the "Sandeep Skool of Captcha Solving" ??

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