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Dofollow / Nofollow Link Checker by
This tools allows you to check a list of URLs for your posted url and check if it is dofollow or nofollow.

[Image: Blackhatlinks_dofollow_nofollow_link_checker.jpg]

You can download the Link Checker for free:

Have fun with that nice piece of software.

Any questions, suggestions or improvements ?

Very nice and useful piece of software. Your other tools are very useful too. Thank you.

Suggestion: maybe you should make a nice backlink checker using this method? I mean: you put your website, check a SE, and it finds all your dofollow/nofollow backlinks for this domain in the correspondent SE?
then you need a source where you get the domain backlinks. since yahoo site explorer is down there is no really good alternative
what's the difference between this and the one in Scrapebox as an add-on?

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