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Duda with scrapebox
Hello, I have a question, if I put in the hardvested of scrapebox inurl:blog and in the line below cars I found blogs of cars or on the one hand I found sites that lead in the url blog and on the other hand pages that appear the word cars?

Thank you!
Your really asking how google works. For that I would google how google search operators work, such as inurl:
and then also just test it.

Scrapebox does not do any searching, it just is handing the request to google and then handing you whatever google hands it, just without all the fluff.

So go to in your browser of choice, and put in your search term and see what you get. If you get what you want, put that entire search query in the keywords box in scrapebox and then you will get the same results back.

The footprints box in scrapebox combines whatever is in it with whatever is in the keywords box, into 1 query, just like you would put in the search box in google. So you do not need to use the footprints box, I rarely do, I just put what I want in the keywords box, as its simpler for me. Whatever works for you though.
(11-18-2020, 06:58 PM)loopline Wrote: Thank you very much for your answer, it has been very complete and very well explained
Your welcome, have a great day!

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