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Error 403 from SquidProxies
My squidproxies are returning an error 403 also. I thought they were the go-to source for private proxies.

Any help is appreciated. As a safety I've already contacted the SquidProxies support to see if they have any input on this strange behavior. I've been using squidproxies fine for months, but SB seems to reject them.
Has your network IP changed and no longer white listed for those proxies? Have you been scraping Google hard to get them banned already? Best to contact SquidProxies for support on this matter.

same for me, I'm new to SB so I bought 10 private proxies from Squid, and used them only for testing purposes, that is, not much.

And already 403.

Waiting for a reply from them, but any similar experience here would be great.

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