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Experiments Always Fail
I started using scrapebox 2 weeks ago. nothing I have done has worked except the keyword scraper.

I was trying to find an available domain through domainlookup. and an error message indicates a timed connection error. can you help what should i do?
The platforms column in your second screenshot shows most boxes are empty white boxes, that should not be. That means those pages never even loaded. So either your loading in a bunch of dead urls and have a horrible list, or your settings/proxies are messed up.

Try putting the poster to 1 connection and max out the timeout, as a test. Does that work? If so great, you can go up from there and see how it goes. If not then check your proxies. make sure your using tested private proxies. If your using public proxies, they will massively hinder your success rate.

As for your first screenshot it could again be proxies, if your using those, try a test with no proxies, does it timeout? It could be the that the site your trying to use is just ignoring the requests because your going too fast, but you didn't really give enough area to view in the screenshot to see what your even doing, so Im just not sure.

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