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Fast Poster problem
Hi folks.. finally i can post on here after ages of waiting for the registration system to be fixed lol

I love the autoposter , but I'm having one problem.

In loopline's tutorial he uses site: to get all the internal pages off the blogs that auto submit.
When I do it using his method I just either get the bit after the url /blogpost/comment/  etc or if I use a merge file I dont actually get any blog posts just the not post pages ??

What am I doing wrong, I have followed the tutorial 3 times to the letter with the same results.

I have noticed he does it on a very old version off SB, has something changed ?
No, site: will gets internal pages of a site.

Are you using google or bing? Bing only gives 10 results in scrapebox for site: or something like that.

Also you can just use the link extractor.

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