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Footprint for forumtopics with active topics

EDIT: Found the solution: Time option!

I am not new to scraping. But I have a question.
I often scrape forums with niche related keywords. The problem is that I get a huge list, but a lot of topics are from 2005-2011.

When you replay on those, the mod will often remove the comment. So I am looking for a way to filter the new and active topics.

If I just put 2012 in the footprint, it doesn't really do the job (because of "copyright 2012" and that kind of text in the footer)
I know I you do a search in google and then add &tbs=qdr:w at the end of the URL you only get the results of the last week. But I don't know how to integrate it in a footprint

Hope someone can help me out

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