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Footprint works in Google but not in Scrapebox?

I have a footprint for guestbooks which is below, when I test it in Google is says 5.3 million results, but when I put it into scrapebox and select custom footprint and run harvester selecting Google I only get 12?

"Powered by DedeCms" "留言本" "留言内容"

I am running with 1141 proxies that are verified. Any ideas how I can scrape this 5.3 million list? I have also tried running it through yahoo and bing search engines 0 results.

Thank you in advance.

Try unchecking the use proxies box and try it. Its possible your proxies are mostly dead.

Also note that for queries like this, even though google has a hard cap of 1000 results, they will soft block at 300-600 results normally.

so its usually necessary to tack on keywords like

Powered by DedeCms" "留言本" "留言内容 1
Powered by DedeCms" "留言本" "留言内容 2
Powered by DedeCms" "留言本" "留言内容 3
Powered by DedeCms" "留言本" "留言内容 green
Powered by DedeCms" "留言本" "留言内容 car
Powered by DedeCms" "留言本" "留言内容 a
Powered by DedeCms" "留言本" "留言内容 b

So that you force google to return different sets of results from their database. Then just remove duplicate urls.

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