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Forum Bot - Auto Captcha Solving Forum Profile and Message Posting Bot
[Image: fblogo.png]

Build UNLIMITED backlinks with the click of a button...

Register, Confirm and Post your links with AUTOMATIC Captcha Solving!

Version 2.6


  • [SIZE=4]Automatic Captcha Solving
    [Image: smf-captcha.gif] [Image: smf-captcha1.gif] [Image: punbb-captcha.bmp] [Image: mybb-captcha.png] [Image: punbb-captcha1.bmp] [Image: punbb-captcha.jpg] [Image: mercury-captcha.bmp] [Image: megabbs-captcha.gif] [Image: yabb-captcha.gif] [Image: webwiz-captcha.gif] [Image: punbb-captcha.png][Image: snitz-captcha.gif]

  • Multi Instancing - 10 X FASTER
  • One click registration, email confirmation, profile updates AND Message Posting
  • Proxy Support
  • Decaptcher integration for unsolvable captchas
  • Advanced Spinnable URLS and Signatures
  • Pre-loaded with thousands of *FRESH* high success rate forums
  • Simple to use and setup .. NO learning curve!
  • One time payment only, with lifetime updates

Supported Platforms:
  • Punbb
  • Mybb
  • Wowbb
  • XMB (XMBoard)
  • FluxBB
  • SMF (Simple Machine Forum)
  • Burning Board
  • Mercury Board
  • myUPB
  • ASP-Dev
  • Snitz
  • Web Wiz
  • MegaBBS ASP Forum
  • Yabb
  • PHPDug
  • PHP Arcade (older version) *New*
  • French Blogging Platform *New*
  • Many more to come!

[Image: box2.png]

Special Offer for Forum Members

[Image: buynow1.png]

** Once your payment has been completed, an email will be sent to you that includes the download information. The first time you run ForumBot, enter the same email address that you used for payment and send the license request key to [email protected]. A valid license key will be returned to you within 24 hours (usually much less time).
Hey all,

I invited ForumBot from another forum after finding out about his software, it will be a great addition to scrapebox as far as getting backlinks and targetted traffic goes.

Forum Bot is awesome, it solves many captchas FREE and it's simple to use, you can find targetted forums using scrapebox and forum footprints and go crazy with this tool.

Great addition to scrapebox, I suggest you use both to promote your websites.

It even supports registering and posting on MYBB forums which is what this forum uses Smile

ForumBot is better than ScrapeBoard, because scrapeboard won't solve captchas and will cost you $100+ monlthy, whereas ForumBot is one time payment only, set it and forget it!

I'm testing different things with it right now, will be very interesting.

I think best thing about this software is that you can target niches and thus not just get backlinks but also get customers using this tool!

Thanks ForumBot for coming over here and giving a big discount to members!
Hey Guyz,
I think I got the proper web which I was searching for. I got confused when I saw a lot of web for searching such a forum that helps in many ways like SCRAPEBOXFORUM does. It's not complicate to register here also. Easy to post and easy to get solution as I hope.
I was searching for a captcha solving web and I tried various forums also by google. One of those was which is a captcha solving website where people can earn money or can do automatization solve captcha via software. I got a software also in srcapeboxforum website and it's also very helpful.
I'm pleased to got my solution.

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