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Free verified scrapebox google passed HTTP proxies
Hi Guys first, Instead of posting a new topic each day I'm just going to be adding to this one to keep the forum cleaner.

Here's 109 free proxies from our master proxy list. If you would like access to our 24/7 proxylist feed to insure you always have a working check us out at

Checked with Scrapebox
Location: United States
100 Threads, 45 sec timeout

[Image: 092712.PNG]

For instructions on how to setup your web browser to use a proxy you can visit our FAQ section at
Also heres a screenshot of my results last night at 4am with our master proxy list and scrapebox. I had over 5000 passed!
[Image: sb5332.PNG]
Many went down throughout the day of course but with the API options I offer on the site its easy to harvest new ones.

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