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Free Wordpress Theme - Traditional
Traditional is a nicely designed 3 columns themes suitable for any niche blog. This theme suppports for wordpress custom menus and featured posts. This theme has a full featured admin options panel for easy theme installations and gallery settings.

Theme Features
  • Easy Theme Installation and configurations
  • Supports for Wordpress Custom Menus
  • Featured Gallery Inbuilt
  • Admin Options Panel
  • Supports for wordpress featured posts
  • Widgets Ready
  • Nested Comments
  • Compatible with wordpress latest version and previous versions

[Image: Image640-480.jpg]

Theme Demo | Theme Download

Great free WordPress theme is usually a good demand, but because it is a rich site engine and WordPress options. Even if they remain as the most widely used and best-known site engine, to make significant returns, such as the use and simple installation, flexibility and wonderful plug-in options, including a good form a set range of topics. If you Google, you will get the theme of abuse with the best results and most of the large number of templates are. Therefore, the selection and a new WordPress theme, especially in order to spend time.

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