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Fresh October 2012 ScrapeBox Auto Approve Pack - High PR, DoFollow, Edu, SEO lists
Fresh October 2012 Scrapebox High Authority Package is ready

Hello dear webmasters, Is October so is time for a fresh, powerful new auto approve package from ScrapeBrokers. After recent updates we use this new blog lists and methods to rank our best customers in Google for competitive keywords while other parts of the list are freshly scraped. Use the package to improve your rankings and get loads of traffic.
[Image: october_package1.jpg]

Latest Changes: In order to keep the quality of the product high we decided to limit the purchase of our lists to 25 persons only. So, if you will get the message “no such product” when trying to buy that means this product is already sold out.

What’s in the October package

OctoberAA_MasterList.txt – 124676 AutoApprove blog urls
OctoberAA_HighPR.txt – 12616 High PR (0 to 7) auto approve blog urls
OctoberAA_DoFollow.txt – 8519 Dofollow only AA urls ready
OctoberAA_DofHighPR.txt – 358 High PR Dofollow AA urls ready
OctoberAA_Edu&Gov.txt – 982 .EDU and .GOV high authority Auto Approve urls
OctoberAA_MasterListPR.txt – All AutoApprove Urls with PR infos attached.
OctoberAA_Trackbacks.txt – 122380 Auto Approve URLs to post trackbacks
OctoberAA_BonusList.txt – 57345 Auto Approve urls for free

October_WikiList.txt – 4085 high authority WIKI working urls
October_Bookmarking.txt – 1003 bookmarking urls like Pligg,PHpdug etc
October_PHPLDList.txt – 1384 website directories etc
October_ManuallyHighPR – Over 100 low obl High PR urls to comment manually

OctoberMOD_MasterList.txt – 752234 moderated blog urls
OctoberMOD_Edu&Gov.txt – 20277 moderated .EDU and .GOV high authority blogs

OctoberSlowPoster_MasterList.txt – 26483 blog urls . Post using SB Slow Poster.
OctoberSlowPoster_EDU&Gov.txt – 141 .edu and .gov only blog urls
OctoberSlowPoster_DoFollow.txt – 2195 DoFollow only blog urls

Our Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Unique generic keywords – post pinguin update
Bonus #2 – Unique Spintax Comment List
Bonus #3 – Excerpts file to use for Trackbacks posting
Bonus #4 – Settings file to get over 80% success backlinks rate
Bonus #5 – Additional Auto Approve Lists
Bonus #6 – Huge 20% discounts on our future products including 6000 pligg lists and AA Club
Bonus #7 – Private Forum Access to discuss latest blackhat seo techniques (new)
Bonus #8 – Comments unique for each niche not old general comments spammed to death (new)

High PR Urls Rundown

1 urls x PR 8
3 urls x PR 7
30 urls x PR 6
8 urls x PR 5
135 urls x PR 4
652 urls x PR 3
1803 urls x PR 2
3856 urls x PR 1

Add to cart and download instantly

[Image: price_3995.png]

This sale is open on numerous marketing forums and the orders are instantly processed. Don’t get left out. while the counter hit 25 sales we close the sale in order to protect the list of being overused.

100 Satisfaction Guarantee

Of course these are unique urls from all the latest Auto Approve lists we sold.All of these work in Scrapebox Fast Poster, however this list could be used with any blog commenter that will comment to those platforms.

Once this pack is sold out, you will receive an additional supplement Auto Approve list to make up for any dead/404′d links that build up over the month.

[ Download the list now ]

List is available for instant download after payment. Payment is via paypal.
[Image: october_found_rundown1.jpg]

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