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From 1 Million links to 3.7k?!
First of all, I want to let you guys know that I'm pretty experienced with Hrefer/Xrumer, and I decided to give SB a try. I loaded up a 10k list of keywords, lots of proxies, and let it gather a list of over 1 million blogengine blogs. After that, I deleted dupe domains, and I was left with 3.7k blogs...

Is there not a way to delete dupes on the fly, as its harvesting? That 1 mil blogs was very misleading.
Ya that's very disappointing when something like that happens. How closely related are your keywords? If you have one keyword that's, "healthy living" and another that's, "healthy diet". A lot of times SB will harvest the same blogs because how closely related the keywords are, even if they have completely different meanings.

Also, try using your own custom footprints to harvest the blogs instead of the built in buttons. I've noticed that by using the intitle: or inurl: footprints in my harvesting, I seem to be able to keep a lot more results and end up with less duplicates. Give that a try and see if it helps.
It was a disappointing figure. 1 to 3.7k Sad Sleepy

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